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Leading Cable TV Entertainer for Nagpur 
and Vidarbha Region

Bharat Multi Channel (UCN) Nagpur started since 1985 starting from Single channel is known as Central India’s largest Cable TV Operator.
Enjoying maximum viewership in Nagpur City and Vidarbha region

The graphic below indicates Bharat Multichannel service offerings:

Leading Cable TV Entertainer for Nagpur
and Vidarbha Region
The “Bharat Multichannel” came into existence in 1985, fulfilling the vision of Mr. Manohar Kewalramani to set up a satellite network in Nagpur, the heart of India. Over the years, Universal Communication experienced phenomenal growth and today it has been transformed into Universal group that offers UCN Analogue, Digital Cable Networks, Broadband and UCN Local Channels to its vast array of customers.
Ch No. 91
UCN News Channel is the most popular News Channel in Vidarbha, which hosts Hindi, Marathi & Business News of Districts, Tehsils & Towns of Vidarbha region round the clock.
Ch No. 39
UCN Prime the most popular Bollywood Movie Channel which entertains the movie buffs with the a range of Hindi Flicks
Ch No. 38
UCN plus is an On Demand Movie Channel that features a mix of Hollywood, Bollywood and Marathi movies
Ch No. 65
UCN Pub is a Music Channel catering to diverse age groups, and has been successful in getting an overwhelming
Ch No. 462
UCn Info is an informatory channel that shows the daily railway and airline schedules
Ch No. 461
Telecast of Local Events, Live Aarti & Religious events from Temples, Churches. Gurdwaras & Dargas.